New Contact List
The F1 Staff Contact List now has over 600 entries,
and is held in a privately maintained database for the purpose
of helping ex-F1 Staff keep in touch with each other

The Contact List continues to be very popular,
and has helped hundreds of you to keep in touch.
You can find over contact details of over 600 ex-
C&W staff, with their addresses, telephone nos.,
email addresses and year of entry to C&W.

To meet your concerns about information security,
we have introduced a secure area on the website
where the main database is now held.

for username and password
username/password ?
GUEST AREA (limited info only)
To gain access to this area and be able to read the full email and other contact details of all those on the contact list, you will now need to REGISTER on this website, selecting a username and password. A small charge will be made for this service.

Even if your own details are on the Contact List and you have viewed it in the past, you will now need to REGISTER and select a username and password.

A simple list of those names on the contact list is available in the GUEST AREA for those who choose not to register.

Why have we introduced
this new system ?
And why do we have to charge ?

The "Contact List" has been available free and almost seamlessly online since 1998 but although it has been very popular, it's users clearly suffer from the fact that it has been open for everyone in the Internet Community to view.

With the current increased levels of Spam and email address harvesting, and recent examples of the Contact List being used for these purposes, we have decided that the database can no longer remain in this insecure mode. It has therefore been placed behind a Username/Password gateway which we believe will minimise this mis-use.

This secure feature incurs additional expense for us each year, in addition to the cost of hosting the website. The 6.00 fee is seen as a reasonable charge for the benefits that the Contact List offers.

This charge is not an annual subscription - BUT we reserve the right to possibly make a further charge in two or three years time, depending on whether the website continues, or whether we can absorb the ongoing costs that we continue to incur.

At all times, we reserve the right to shut down the website and withdraw the Contact List database, should it be deemed necessary.

No payments made through the website are refundable, except in circumstances agreed by us to be exceptional, or when to refuse refund would be in contravention of PayPal Ltd.'s conditions of service.


If your details are already on the Contact List,
and you would like them changed or deleted,
either email
or use the Data Entry Form with
just the details that need amending or deleting